What is a Virtual World?

Author:  Birdie Champ

Conference of Education Professionals in Second Life

Conference of Education Professionals in Second Life...each avatar is a real person! People come together from all over the US and the world to discuss innovative ways of bringing technology into the classroom!

If you’ve played Farmville or World of Warcraft, you’ve played in a virtual world.  A multi-user virtual world is simply a place on the Internet where people can interact with objects within their 3D virtual surroundings, and with other people within the area.  It’s similar to playing a video game, in that you have an “avatar”, or customizable character representing you.  You can walk around, interact with objects, and even design objects yourself.  Other people can have access to the same space as you.  You can hold seminars, business meetings, client meetings, and more with anyone in the world who has Internet access; though accessibility can be limited to those whom you have specifically invited.  You can choose to have live conversations in text or voice, or you can leave messages for people who are not there at the time. Many virtual worlds also have universal text translators.


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