Miles and Miles (and Miles) per Gallon

Author: Alex Mojcher

If you’re going on a skiing trip, an SUV can acheive about 17 miles per gallon, or “mpg”. Maybe you have soccer practice, in which case the minivan can get around 22 mpg. In an efficient compact car, a commute can get a respectable 30 mpg. If you really care, maybe your gasoline-electric hybrid car will get around 50 mpg, which is pretty impressive.

Maybe I should mention the VV-CF1, also called the “vroom vroom carbon fiber 1”, a car recently built by UMass engineering students, that can cruise at about 536 mpg.

Students and teachers teamed up to build this fantastic vehicle for the national Supermileage Competition which took place on June 10-11, just a few days ago. Results are not up on the competitions website yet, but last year there were two teams from UMass in the top 15. Hopefully this year we did even better!

For more information, visit the teams website by clicking HERE!


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