Doc, our parrot friend, gets a Facebook!

On our “Who We Are” page, you will see a nice section devoted to our beloved African Grey Parrot named Doc. He quickly became a large personality here at the MAS headquarters after his arrival; everyone that comes through enjoys a few moments with him.

To share the mutual experiences of the lab and Doc, a Facebook page has been created for Doc, on which we will chart his progress learning verbal commands and how to speak. For those of you out there with Facebook pages, click “Like” at the top of his page and you will be able to watch Doc on his way to being a well-behaved, verbose, grown-up bird!

Everything from text updates to videos and pictures of his training and day-to-day life will be posted regularly to his page and he learns more and more. As you can see, there is already an entertaining video of Doc enjoying one of his favorite activities: a spray-bottle bath. Using our brand new video equipment, we plan to chart Doc’s progress and use the Facebook page to share the experience with all of you.

To speak from personal experience, I remember when Doc first came into the lab. For the first few weeks he seemed very curious, not shy at all, and never missed a chance to try and steal your pen, pencil, hair, or shirt sleeve. His adorable punk attitude has not gone anywhere, but I’ve noticed as time has passed that his eye contact is not so much that of curious indifference, but is more of an intense desire to learn as he grows into his surroundings and take them in. Speaking of which, his surroundings are quite impressive. He has numerous toys, obstacles, and hanging objects to play with, a never-ending source of fun, navigation, and learning for Doc.

He loves the blocks

Hard at work!

"The Look"

Alex Mojcher


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