Science Breakthroughs in Massachusetts: Conquering Organ Rejection

A group of doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital have hit a new breakthrough in a transplant procedure, which avoids lifelong dependence on drugs. Having to take immunosuppressive drugs is a necessary routine to those who have undergone an organ transplant. Stopping the regular intake of these drugs often leads to severe side effects.

Thankfully, however, Mass General has found the solution. The replacement procedure works by “tricking” the immune system into thinking the new organ is a part of its body so that the organ isn’t rejected. In addition, the procedure mitigates the need to regularly consume immunosuppressive drugs.

While the procedure is still undergoing perfection and fine-tuning, there are many hopefuls attempting to get in on the study hoping to benefit from these transplants advances. Researchers are looking forward to expanding the procedure in such a way that the procedure can be used for all transplantable organs and to organs from deceased donors.

The full article, with detailed information on the doctors and the procedure can be found on the Mass General website.

Written by: Jaymin Patel


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