No Boundaries between Disciplines

The wonderful hub for science and technology in our great state has found yet another way to show the innovative spirit of science and technology. FAST (Festival of Art, Science, and Technology) is a three month long event that will take place at MIT from early February to the beginning of May. It is a cluster of weekend long events that span throughout the campus and express the creative energy of the sciences through artistic expression.

As the director of FAST, Tod Machover, puts it so very well, it is the celebration of MIT’s “innovative, creative culture, which has no boundaries between disciplines.”

The festival begins February 3-5 with “FAST Past” celebrating MIT’s tradition in media arts and electronic music. The expression of music and language, vision and neuroscience will be during “FAST Thinking” on March 5th. Death and the Powers, a “robotic” opera by Tod Machover with the MIT media lab, will be during “FAST Opera” March 18-25. A music/media marathon will occur during “FAST Future” April 15-16. On May 7th there will be the final event called “FAST Light,” where light will be used to illuminate the MIT campus and the Charles River.

This festival celebrates the creativity that science and technology can inspire and how immensely a part of our lives it is. Science and technology can be found in music, art, décor. It can bring our imaginations to life and create something beautiful. It is a part of our past and present, and will always be an original, exciting, and inventive part of our future. Most importantly, this Festival of Art, Science, and Technology takes place in our own backyard, along with the amazing collaborations of artists and scientists.

If you would like to read more about FAST and see an extensive schedule of the exciting events that will take place during the festival, please visit

Written by: Melissa Marques


2 responses to “No Boundaries between Disciplines

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  2. Everything sounds like so much fun, but I would love to see FAST light. I’ll have to make a trip out to Boston that week(end)!

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