Blogger’s Belief

I like to blog because I can say whatever I want. It is great because I choose the topics, which way to approach them, and in what voice I want to present them. Nobody can influence the way my blogs are (don’t tell my editor I said that or she will be mad). It really is nice to have my own space on a website where I can speak my mind on issues I find important.

It’s strange that not everybody has a blog, following the reasons I stated above. Isn’t it a powerful and therapeutic thing that allows one to speak his/her mind? Should this not be a part of everybody’s life? Sadly, not everybody has time to blog, but that does not mean people can’t have a taste of what it’s like.

Our blog here at MAS is one to bring awareness to scientific and technological breakthroughs and research that are happening, pointedly but not exclusively in the Massachusetts area. This is an open invitation for anyone who would like to take a chance writing a guest blog for us. Maybe you are working on an interesting development that you would like to get the word out about. Whatever the reason, feel free to contact us and have your devoted space on our blog site. Looking forward to hearing from you and all about what you have to share.

Our target audience is the same group of people that we would like to have guest blog for us: researchers, teachers, and students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. We want to hear about the exciting experiment that you did in class today, from both a teacher and student’s perspective. We want to hear about the advances you are making on your solar-powered automotive robot. The more we hear from you, our reader’s, the better! So feel free to contact our editor, Bailey, at to tell us what STEM topics are happening now.

Written by: Erik Alvarenga


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