Traveling Science

The Museum of Science in Boston has an exciting resource for teachers in New England. The museum has a traveling science program that is designed to support the learning goals of the Massachusetts standards for K-2, 3-5, 6-8. They offer small group programs for a classroom of about 16-50 students per session and school assembly programs suitable for 100-200 students. The programs are divided into grade-specific subject areas, and due to larger equipment the assembly program is able to capture a larger audience through increased visibility. One of the hands-on programs that teachers can look forward to is “Dig into Dinosaurs” for PreK-2 students. This program allows students to be a paleontologist for a day by interacting with real fossils, studying a simulated dinosaur trackway, testing their thoughts on how it came to be, and excavating a replica field site. Last year, the traveling science program traveled over 55,000 miles to more than 850 cities. It has also expanded by adding a fifth van, having more full-time educators on the staff, and adding a new geology workshop.  The Museum of Science in Boston is bringing science to the classroom and bringing it to life!

For complete listings browse the traveling science program at the following site: catalog

To book a program, call 617-723-2500 or email

Written by: Melissa Marques


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