My knee hurt sooooooo badly after the weekend. Last year on Halloween weekend my soccer team had five games scheduled between Friday and Sunday. You can imagine how the weekend took a toll on our bodies. We woke up at eight in the morning on Saturday to drive to Connecticut, where we had a double header, two games in a row. We returned home that night, got dressed up in our costumes, and went out. The next morning we were up at seven to drive to Boston for another double header. I felt my knee start to twinge a little bit during the second game, but I played through it because we didn’t have many substitutes. By the time we got back to school my knee was swollen to twice its normal size and I couldn’t bend it at all. The next couple of weeks were painful and annoying; I was fully dependant on my crutches. What I would have given to shorten that period of frustration.

We are on the verge of expedited healing. Nexagon is a new healing technology that can speed up healing by as much as six times. This innovative gel has only been tested on approximately one hundred patients, but has produced amazing results. From minor cuts and bruises to chronic wounds the gel has proven effective. The gel works by blocking how cells communicate, therefore stopping the mass production of proteins that cause inflammation and prevent cells from getting to the source of the wound for healing. The gel is especially effective at closing openings in the skin, which is great for preventing infection.

The implications of this new medical technology are very exciting. Shortened injury times are omnibenevolent. I’m finally going to get what I’ve been asking Santa for every year: rapid healing for my many injuries. Our favorite injured athletes will be back out on the field in no time, making plays after only days. Soldiers will be in and out of the infirmary in a flash. Yes a new age is upon us, and with it comes the responsibility of not being lazy when we get hurt. The days of milking an injury are truly coming to an end, so enjoy it while you can.

Written by: Erik Alvarenga


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