Alien Life on Earth?

Controversy has erupted over alien microorganisms that Richard Hoover of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center claims that he found in at least two meteorites. The space agency researcher allegedly found the fossils of what look like the remnants of bacteria not found on Earth. He recently published a research paper about his findings in the Journal of Cosmology, where he concludes that the bacteria must have come from outer space. However, this finding has been under constant criticism among other scientists. Scientists claim that Hoover’s findings have not been supported by anyone in the scientific or meteor analysis community. Such skepticism has made his research questionable as other scientists conclude that his measurements could be based on contaminated forms of bacterial life from Earth. Due to chemical analysis, Hoover states in his research paper that the microorganisms are unlikely to be contamination but rather “indigenous fossils” from outer space.

In a time when Hoover and The Journal of Cosmology are being questioned for validity and even ridiculed, Rudy Schild of Harvard University and editor-in-chief of the journal’s website calls Hoover a “highly respected scientist and astrobiologist with a prestigious record of accomplishment at NASA.” Backlash to these statements come from scientists who state that Hoover works in solar physics and lacks expertise in astrobiology. The most controversial of all comments comes from NASA which issued a statement that questions the validity of the claims made by Hoover because they did not go under proper peer review process as NASA was not notified about publishing his findings in the Journal of Cosmology. On the other hand, The Journal of Cosmology states that the findings were reviewed by over 500 scientists and 100 experts before publishing.

An interesting comment on this article by a reader states “They are just trying to hide it from us like everything else! Just admit it! We know there are other life forms out there!” What do you think? Is NASA simply trying to process its findings in an appropriate and systematic manner that was not followed by Hoover, or are they trying to withhold information from the public?

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Written by: Melissa Marques


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