Berkshires Bound: The Flying Cloud Institute

Located in New Marlboro, Massachusetts you will find a great summer opportunity for any child 5-14 years of age.  The Flying Cloud Institute is an educational institution dedicated to offering children real life integrative experiences in the arts and sciences and is especially focused on STEM education (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). Flying Cloud Institute offers the SMArt Summer Program which is designed to engage kids in Science and Art and allows them to experience where and how the two fields naturally overlap. The goal of the SMArt Summer Program is to allow children to experience how Art and Science involve ideas, observations, hypotheses and theories that can be tested in the program’s very own laboratories and studios.

Through the SMArt program the Flying Cloud Institute aims to encourage, promote and improve a child’s creative thinking so that he or she may grow, develop and communicate ideas.   This hands-on learning experience is guided by dedicated professionals and experienced counselors whose goal it is to enable the children to meet their full potential. The program employs many former SMArt participants as camp assistants who possess the experience and enthusiasm that will assuredly inspire the children. The Program also offers camp leaders who are experienced and knowledgeable science professionals from the fields of neuroscience/audiology, environmental science, and architecture. Those adults who are not professionals have earned degrees in Chemistry, Physics and Biology. When it comes to the Arts there will be several artists who have careers in dance, music, theater, painting, photography, filmmaking, and ceramics.

Children can look forward to learning about the union of science and art by participating in many projects that involve areas of study such as sustainability, audiology, performance pieces, crafts, filmmaking, documentation, stop-motion animation, architecture, gardening, sculpture, recycling and photography just to name a few.

All members of the Flying Cloud Institute and the SMArt Program are highly dedicated to offering the best experience possible and no child is ever turned away due to financial shortcomings.  For more detailed information on this great experience please visit

Written by: Matthew Panechelli


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