MA State Math and Science Middle School Fair to be held June 4th!

This summer… a group of middle school students will take on the impossible… with a chance to make history… and only they themselves stand in their way…

That’s right; the State Middle School Science Fair is coming up in one month! For most people this is an exciting event that will display the great ingenuity of 6-8th grade students from across Massachusetts in a collection of projects designed by these young students. For me, it’s a chance to go see that these 6-8th graders are, in fact, smarter than me.

This fair will be a collection of titans among the state’s students. The winners of each regional science fair will be there, showing off the work they have been putting together for months. As there are many winners from each region, there will be an army of students at the fair, approximately 300 working on individual and group projects.

There will be much to be seen on this exciting Saturday coming up in one month and two days. I would recommend stopping by to check out the projects that have been put together, for there will be something for everyone to learn and enjoy.

The fair will be taking place at Worcester Technical High School, One Skyline Drive, in Worcester MA on June 4th. Projects will be on display to the public from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM.

Written by: Erik Alvarenga


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