Is “Geek Rap” the next big thing in Science education??

A guy named Baba Brinkman has been getting a lot of attention lately for his new style of music that he calls “Geek Rap”. Mr. Brinkman, who at the age of 19 proclaimed that he wanted to be the next Eminem, has certainly evolved into something much more unique than Eminem. His increasingly popular raps are all about the works of Charles Darwin and Geoffrey Chaucer. His current album, The Rap Guide to Evolution: Revised is described on his website as “Scientifically peer-reviewed hip-hop album exploring Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by means of natural selection”.

Mr. Brinkman just started a summer-long show at the SoHo House in Manhattan where he will be performing his 1.5 hour lecture on Darwin and natural selection. According to his show is uniquely disguised as a rant on the history of rap, gangs and murder in Chicago, relations between the sexes and his own stubborn creationist cousins. It sounds really interesting! I may have to make a trip down to New York City and check it out for myself.

You can find more information on Baba Brinkman and his summer show on his website at:

Listen to one of his singles “Don’t Sleep with Mean People” here:

Written By: Eden Ketema


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