Vinny’s account of our first ENGAGE Everett! Mentoring Session.

I stepped into the elevator and immediately after me, six middle school students came swarming in, hyped up with so much energy. Someone asked where they were headed and they replied, “to the library!”, which was exactly where the ENGAGE Everett! sessions were to be held – and I knew it was going to be crazy. When I walked through the library doors, Peg was running around trying to get the situation under control and there were kids EVERYWHERE! We ran out of tables and chairs because there were so many kids that signed up for the program!

I’m not going to lie; it was pretty chaotic and stressful. At one point, I was working with four students and Peg told me that she was going to bring a few more kids to me for mentoring. I looked behind me, and there were eight kids staring at me, and they just appeared out of nowhere!

Even though it was a pretty crazy day, a lot of progress was made. The children are all so bright and some of them I think are smarter than me! One student came up to me asking if a radon detector would be a good project idea. I told him to talk to other students and see if he could help the others come up with ideas as I Googled what on earth a radon detector was. ENGAGE Everett! is still in the beginning stages, but as time goes on, I think it will go more smoothly – and hopefully we won’t be swarmed by an army of middle schoolers on a regular basis. I felt good afterwards knowing that I helped some students with their projects, and I have come to realize that I will never know what to expect Thursday afternoons at Everett – and it’s kind of nice. It keeps things interesting.


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