Round Two

By Christina Gionet

For our second mentoring session we had an overwhelming 100 students sign up!! This was good news, it meant that the kids liked the first session and maybe even got something out of it- but still that’s one hundred kids to mentor!We were more prepared this time- lists in hand; ready to sign students in and tell them what table to go to.   They came in smaller masses so it was easier to get everyone organized.  We had time slots that we separated the kids into so it would be easier for us to manage them all, and even with separate times we still had 6 to 7 kids for each mentor!

Some of the kids in my first session had very advanced projects.  One group is going to extract the DNA from a strawberry; another group is going to research the effects of colored light on the power output of a solar panel. Yet another student is researching the effects of motor oil on tomato plant growth. I was excited to hear about the kids’ projects and how far along some of them were with their project design.  I was also very pleased to hear about their controls. One student was impressive, he was stressing how important controls are and how the judges will be looking for that and will be expecting him to be able to explain his project. That enthusiasm and understanding was great to see. I still had some younger kids who needed help with their hypothesis and connecting their interest to science, but I think we made great progress!

Despite the number of kids I think things went very smoothly, plus we had mints to give out and you know how kids love mints! In the coming sessions I will be very excited to see how all the projects progress.


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