By Christina Gionet

We had another large turn-out at the mentoring session, but we were more prepared than we have ever been! We had a sign-in table set up at the front of the library where the students had to check in. Also, instead of having the table’s numbered we had the tables labeled by each mentor’s name. The students were told what time slot they were in and then who their mentor would be, when their mentoring time came they would find the table with their mentors name on it. Not all of the students who initially registered showed up for the session, leaving some mentors without mentees. In this situation, we had students who were waiting go to an open mentoring table. The whole process ran very smoothly. However, when it was time to switch to the next group of students, I felt like I still needed to work with my previous students. I tried my best to check in on the students from the earlier time slot.

I was surprised that most of the students I was mentoring didn’t have a project idea yet. It is quite late in the year for them to just be thinking of a project! Of the students who didn’t have a project idea, most of them were doing the science fair by choice. I think that the teachers should provide these students with the same guidelines for due dates as they do for students who are required to participate in the science fair. Nevertheless, the students and I came up with some interesting project ideas. One student is going to test how effectively different brands of hand sanitizer kill bacteria. Another student is going to look at how exercise effects test taking ability.

It’s moving to see how excited the students get when they come up with a project their passionate about. I hope they will have fun developing their projects and presenting them at the science fair. I can’t wait to see the final products!


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