Where Did the Time Go?!

To the Everett students, teachers, and administrators, Project ENGAGE! mentors, and our partners at the Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair, the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, The Intel Corporation, Marlborough Public Schools, and anyone who has been a part of this unbelievable pilot program:

It’s hard to believe that it’s already December! The Everett High School Science Fair is just about a month away, and the middle school fairs are coming up quickly, too! I guess the saying, “time flies when you’re having fun”, is actually true.

I thought I’d sit down and take a few minutes to recognize everyone who’s been a part of this program. It is only because of those people involved that this program has blossomed into what it is.

A truly unique science education program went from a dream to reality in a mere seven months. Although we’re not finished with the first year of the program, over 90 Everett students have shown a commitment to their independent or group science research projects by coming to each mentoring session. Congratulations to you, students, for identifying an opportunity and seizing it! Congratulations to you, mentors, for presenting yourselves as individuals these students can identify with and want to work with. You have done a wonderful job, and let’s keep it up for the students – as I said, their science fairs are quickly approaching!

One unique feature of Project ENGAGE! is the website created specifically for each student who becomes involved in the program. Through the website, students post updates on and pictures of their projects and ask questions of their mentors through a messaging system. Students can receive a response from a mentor in just 24 hours and this has proven to be a great way for mentors and students to stay connected in between mentoring sessions.

To the Everett teachers, your support and involvement has been tremendous. You’ve shared constructive ways to continue building the program and have been willing to share of yourselves freely with the students present at the mentoring sessions – even if they weren’t your students. Your passion for and dedication to science education is evident, and I enjoy working with you!

To the Everett administrators, your support has been unwavering. We are able to engage the Everett community in this program because of your demonstrated support and commitment to STEM education in your city, and your students are able to perform their experiments and present their research because of the generosity of the network you have fostered and developed. I thank you for allowing us to take over your library twice a month (and other rooms, too!) and hope you’ll allow us to continue this work for years to come.

To our partners, you have built this program together and its success is a reflection of each of you and your unique strengths. I am privileged to be a part of such a productive partnership and am honored to be able to carry out the work  you developed.

To our followers and/or anyone reading this blog: Please feel free to contact me to learn more about Project ENGAGE! and how you could get involved.

My very best regards,

Jenna Farrell


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