As the Science Fair Approaches

By Christina Gionet

This past mentoring session in Everett was our last in-person meeting for the year. Next year, we will be coming down a few times to help the students with their science fair posters and then for the science fair itself! The students will be able to get in touch with us through the ENGAGE Everett! site (; they can post any questions they have on there and then we will respond to them.

Most of the students are ready to start their experiments. However, some students need to rethink their projects, there are some iffy projects involving animals that need to be redesigned.  Those students can contact us on the ENGAGE Everett! site and we can help them design another project.

The ENGAGE team had the students complete a survey at the beginning of the mentoring sessions that provided insight about the student’s science knowledge. Now that the sessions are coming to an end, the students were asked to complete another survey in which they gave their opinion of the mentoring sessions. We will use the survey results to improve future mentoring sessions and determine whether the sessions helped foster an interest in science. As mentors, we want the students to come away with a good experience and some new science knowledge. Some of these students may go on to become great scientists and we hope that we had a part in that.


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