Raytheon: Empowering Students and Teachers

In the past five years Raytheon has accomplished philanthropic work in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. Raytheon contributed over 60 million dollars in support to STEM education, seven million in scholarships and grants, and a platinum sponsorship of the country’s first National Science Festival. The company has created many educational programs including Math Moves U which engages students in science and math http://www.mathmovesu.com.

A subsidiary of Math Moves U is the Change the Equation coalition whose goal is to “create widespread literacy in STEM as an investment in our nation that empowers us all” http://www.changetheequation.org. Change the Equation has over one-hundred corporate sponsors including Raytheon who have donated  500 million dollars a year to expand STEM education. The mission of Change the Equations is to improve teaching and learning by creating a diverse group of inspiring teachers, and encourage appreciation for STEM subjects in youth. One of the initiatives within the coalition is the Advanced Placement Training and Incentive Program (APTIP) which expanded access to advanced placement courses in urban areas. Students from six states including Massachusetts were given the opportunity through the APTIP program to prepare themselves academically for a better future. Benefits of the program allowed for dramatic increases in the quantity of students passing advance placement exams, far exceeding the national average. The increase in passing advanced placement exams was highest among females and minorities. With access to more challenging courses youth of underrepresented groups now have the opportunity to improve their success rate of completing college.


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