Evolution vs. Creationism

In the past week Indiana Senators forced the origin of life to be a topic too hot to handle in public schools. On Tuesday bill S.B.89 was approved and allows for the “teaching of the origin of life, providing the governing body of a school corporation may require the teaching of various theories concerning the origin of life”. The original version of the bill included creation science as an option for a “various theory” until it was amended to include multiple religions. Bill S.B.89 grants public schools permission to include multiple religious theories on the origin of life to their curriculums if scientific evolution is being taught. The option of including other religions into the curriculum is being left to individual districts and is not being implemented state wide by education officials.

Also excluded from the bill is specifying which subject in school the origin of life shall be taught. Perhaps scientific evolution will not be content that students will encounter in a science setting. With the addition of multiple religions does the origin of life become a history of world religions subject rather than a scientific one?


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