As Earth Day Approaches

Earth day is dedicated to spreading awareness of the Earth’s natural environment and issues that threaten our habitat. Nature is being attacked on several different fronts and the holiday is intended to assist humanity in combating these attacks. It is a day to reflect and ask ourselves what we can do to help protect nature, humankind, and future generations to come.

Celebrations have sprung up all over the world, including 175 countries. In South America Project SERES (Supporting Ecological Resilience and Environmental Sustainability) is holding a month long series of events that will teach Guatemalan’s how to compost, organic farm, and other various skills. The 4-H Million Trees Project has committed to plant one million trees in multiple Kenyan Villages. Europe and Asia’s Plant A Tree Today Foundation intends to counteract deforestation and restore degradation of forest habitats.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst campus is holding its own Earth Day Festival where students and faculty can volunteer to do a campus wide clean-up. A Student Farm Aid Concert and Sustainability Fair will be held Sunday April 22 from 1-6 pm. The day will kick off with a battle of the bands following live performances by nationally renowned artists Tony Vacca, World Rhythms Ensemble, Seth Glier, Ryan Hommer, and Melodeego. Locate an event near you and celebrate the beauty and wonders of the world we live in!


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