DNA…the newest hardrive?

ImageWe all know how great technology is and the wealth of information we can access from it.  But where is all this information stored? Currently, the archiving of large amounts of digital data is extremely expensive and requires enormous amounts of maintenance and energy creating a prevalent problem in the digital world. What could possibly be the solution to this hurtle in information storage…none other than DNA! Recently, computer files have been able to be encoded into the language of DNA. This DNA can be synthesized and then sequenced to produce the information that was originally encoded. This just goes to show that the mechanisms that have been produced through thousands of years of evolution can be a great help in solving the many issues we face in today’s world.  Now thanks to DNA, every piece of writing ever produced in the history of the planet can be stored in an object the size of a candy bar! If you want to read more about the use of DNA in digital data storage check out the Nature article below.



Written by Rachel Afshari.


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