Meet Derek Melzar!

DerekMelzar   Hi, my name is Derek Melzar. I am a fifth-year senior Biology major, Psychology minor here at UMass Amherst interested in going to graduate school and doing my own research and eventually becoming a Biology professor. I am from Burlington, Massachusetts. I love movies, and I am a pretty big gamer. I have been involved in the UMass BURA program for the past couple semesters, and I am still involved in it. I had worked with Paige Warren on an urban bird project, and I am currently continuing work with David Hof on his Black-throated Blue Warbler project.
To be honest, I joined the MAS after spotting it in the course list for this semester. It caught my eye, and I became excited about the program and its possibilities. STEM education is huge. With STEM, we can greatly improve and even help save all our lives. I will be mentoring at the MAS this semester, as well as holding weekly mentoring meetings. This semester, I am looking forward to the possibility of making a difference in several middle school students’ lives, or at least their semesters, even if just making this semester a little more fun for them. I want to share my knowledge with them to promote an interest in, and give them an advantage in, the STEM fields.


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