Monty’s Shedding!

ImageI am taking care of Monty the MAS’s ball python, this week Monty is shedding. Ball pythons shed their skin a few times a year, it is the way they grow. Although shedding is a normal process, it can make the snake irritable and uncomfortable. For example, Monty did not eat this week and he was not very social while being handled.

You can tell a ball python is shedding when the belly turns pink, the general color gets dull, and the eyes get very cloudy. Right before the snake starts to shed the eyes clear up slightly and the color turns less pink. To help the shedding process go smoothly there are a few things we can do! Keeping the enclosure at 60-70% humidity helps the skin shed off in one piece. Without a humid environment the skin can come off in tiny pieces, like he exploded. Sometimes snakes soak in their water bowl to accelerate shedding.  Today I noticed Monty’s eyes have cleared up since last week, so I think he will shed soon!

For more information check out this link below:


Written by Amy Volkmann.


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