Brain Computer

ImageScientists recently have invented a technologically advance brain-computer interface (BCI). This newly made device is characterized by being wireless, implantable, and rechargeable. Transmitting information to a computer via antenna, the new devices is designed to be easily portable for the wearers. To maximize the convenience of the patients, the hermetically sealed titanium BCI can also be implanted in the body. This practical BCI also consumes relatively little power, and two hours of charge lasts up to six hours of use.

The device is very similar to the pace maker because it consists of “a li-lion battery, an inductive charging loop, a chip that digitizes brain information, and an antenna to transmit that info to a computer.” The small chip embedded in the somatosensory cortex or motor cortex of the patient will analyze the electrical signals in the brain.

Scientists developed this technology to study brain disorders more in depth it and to monitor complex tasks of the brain. If it works successfully, the device can also aid the mobilizing of the patients. For example, when attached to robotic arms, the new BCI will allow immobile patients to move objects with their mind. The new BCI will be, in all probability, tested on human after 13 months of successful trials in animals.




Written by Seo Yeon Orite.


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