ImageSleeping is one of my favorite hobbies. It is also something, that I just learned, I don?t do enough of. Sleeping is a luxury that I sometimes cannot obtain because of my jobs and college. Exams, late night shifts, and an endless supply of reading assignments often eat into time I could use sleeping. A recent study has shown that not obtaining much sleep actually affects genes and their expression in your body.
Scientists made a group of 26 people sleep for 10 hours or more every night for a week and then dramatically reduced the hours to 6 or less. Researchers compared the blood before and after the sleep deprivation and discovered that a lack of sleep can alter at least 700 different genes! Genes are the instruction manual for proteins which in turn make up our body. Damaging genes would alter protein sequences which in turn would entirely change chemistry in the human body.The immune system and heart is also seen to be damaged by chronic sleep deprivation. Sleep is needed to grow and repair cells and without it, they may die.
Sleep is such a necessity for the proper functioning of the our bodies that I think I may try to organize my activities better so I can snag a few extra hours just so I can stay healthy!!



Written by Emma Belling.


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