Video games help reading


A recent researched, after studying a small group of dyslexic children, discovered that video games, despite the fact that it had no linguistic contents, improve the reading skills. In their experiment, the researchers allowed the dyslexic 10-year old, who has no previous history of playing video games, to play either action or action-free video games. They were allowed to play up to 12 hours over 2 week period. Only kids who played action video game improved their reading speed and accuracy. Kids who played action-free segments of video game showed no improvement. The improvement effect remained apparent even after two months without game play. The reason for this remains unclear; however, scientists assume that video games enhance the focusing ability of the children and that dyslexia affects such skill. Scientists claim that dyslexia act on brain areas involved in motor coordination and attention as well as the linguistic center.


Written by Seo Yeon Orite.


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