Effects of Sleep Deprivation at Molecular Level

ImageMany college students experience sleep deprivation during school year. It seems impossible to have enough sleep as a college student. Students often stay up to finish their assignment and to study for the upcoming exams. Ironically, sleep loss in students causes worse academic performance. Sleep deprived students are less likely to focus well in class. To make things worse, they are also more susceptible to diseases.

Although people know the cost of sleep loss, they have not figured out why and how sleep affects the immune system and academic performances. The research of Derk-Jan Dijk and colleagues at the University of Surrey in England gave an answer to these questions. After sleeping less than six hours a day for a week, the activity of more than 700 of the volunteer’s gene changed. Many protein activities stopped cycling in circadian rhythm. The genes controlling immune system were disrupted as well. As research shows, people have a greater chance to encounter health problems with insufficient amount of sleep.


Source: http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/348604/description/News_in_Brief_Sleep_loss_affects_gene_activity


Written by Seo Yeon Orite


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