A Never-Before Seen Whale Before

ImageIn New Zealand, two beaked whales had been found dead at a place called Opape Beach. They were identified as an adult female measuring about 5.3m and a juvenile male measuring about 3.5m. But this wasn’t the first time these spade-toothed beaked whales were to be encountered by the humans. Over the course of 140 years, there were instances when several bone fragments washed up but it had never been seen in the flesh before. Since 1872, there was enough evidence to confirm the existence of the spade-toothed and even DNA analysis was done in 1986. But there were limitations to get an insight about what the species actually looked like. But now with the beached pair, the researchers are now gaining insight into the elusive creature’s familial relationships. The ultimate goal, they say, is to see the creature alive in the ocean. It appears, though, that the species’ environment is very remote deep under water and they seem to live submerged underwater for the most of their lives – says Scott Baker, a marine biologist at Oregon State University. 





Written by Taeyil Son.


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