C02 Scrubbing Algae

ImageGlobal warming has been a hot-button issue for decades now, and one of the major causes of it is the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide or C02. Six billion metric tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere annually. However French biochemist Pierre Calleja believes he has devised a method to reduce these ever increasing amounts. For years, he has been experimenting with algae. Suspended in water, these algae are allowed to carry out photosynthesis. This process is required in the survival of the organism and as expected, uses up carbon dioxide from the air. However, these tanks have the secondary effect of producing light during this process. This lends them to application as lamps which instead of generating a greenhouse gas by consuming energy, actually capture and filter 1 ton of Carbon Dioxide per Liter of solution. One of these algae lamps has already been installed into a commercial parking garage, and if they prove feasible, may be installed along high-ways, inside parks, and in other public places.


Beth Buczynski, 2012, Algae Street Lamp Suck Up C02, But How Exactly?, Earth Techling,


Written by Arden Tran.


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