Teachers, are you prepared for the new science standards?

Take CMI Courses this Summer to Get Ready!

August 12-16, 2013 at the Education Development Center (EDC) Waltham.

CMI Courses help you to build on your existing curriculum to provide your students with real-world “science practices” that are emphasized in the new standards.

  • Full Tuition Scholarships available!
  • Graduate credit option, and PDPs provided.
  • Morning coffee and lunch included.
  • All course materials included.
  • Complete all 3 CMI courses to earn the new STEM Certificate in Inquiry from Framingham State University!

Learn more about the CMI Courses:  Click here to Enroll online for CMI Courses  

◦       TSIP:  Teaching Science through the Inquiry Process  – Learn practical strategies to infuse more inquiry into your teaching practice    http://www.massscifair.com/curious-minds/courses/tsip.aspx

◦       PCS:  Project-Based Classroom Science – Design Project-based units for science concepts, and gain tools to guide student research  http://www.massscifair.com/curious-minds/courses/pcs.aspx

◦       OSEF:  Organizing a Science & Engineering Fair – Manage a classroom with students working on different research projects, and gain district-wide support for a science fair program http://www.massscifair.com/curious-minds/courses/osef.aspx

For questions, email the Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair at  cmi@scifair.com.

Curious Minds Initiative (CMI) courses were developed by the Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair Inc (MSSEF) in collaboration with EDC to be research-based, best practices courses for STEM teachers.   About MSSEF


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