Solar Roofing

solarroofHey all! I hope everyone had a good and productive weekend! I sure did, through conversations with some friends this weekend I learned a couple neat facts about global warming and what Massachusetts is trying to do to help prevent it! Massachusetts has a goal of replacing at least 50,000 roofs to solar roofs by 2020. Many people think that it is reasonable considering that we are rated 10th in the nation in Solar Power. Solar roofs not only are safer, but it definitely takes electricity bills out of the equation. The problem, I learned, is that powerful companies are trying to stand in the way of it because solar roofs will cause a drift in dependence on utility companies to natural energy from the sun.

I think that it is an amazing idea because solar power requires energy from the sun and helps everyone decrease the problems that the sources we get our energy from induce. Burning gas, coal, and oil contaminates pollution and also horribly affects our health for it gets mixed with the food we eat. I don’t see the risks and danger that solar roofs would create! The only way we can all easily help is to spread the word about how powerful the sun can be. What do you guys think about solar roofs? Do you think it’s unfair that the companies are using State house connections to block the widespread of solar powered roofs?


-Lisa Bui


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