Nature vs Nurture

Florida_BestCities_5-18_bannerI have always been fascinated by the whole nature versus nurture debate. Most people can agree that our personalities and the way we act can be attributed to various levels of both, but how much does our environment really affect the way we live? Mark Twain noticed how environment affected our thoughts when he wrote “In Boston, they ask, ‘How much does he know?’ In New York, ‘How much is he worth?’ In Philadelphia, ‘Who were his parents?’” Each of these cities were famous for different aspects; Boston was education, New York was money, and Philadelphia was historical lineage. Each cities character depicted the interest of the people.

What researchers are finding is that the specific stereo types of certain cities actually do affect the way its residents work and even think. Just as different dialogs and accents are present in various portions of the United States, as well as the world, cultures vary from community to community. These cultures that affects us at a deep level and affect regions as a whole no matter race or ethnicity. Take for example Boston and San Francisco, Boston began as a colony and in the more traditional sense, while San Francisco began as a gold rush town and is considered non-traditional.  The traditional and nontraditional views can be seen in many of the people that live in each of the cities. Of course these view are not for everyone, but for the majority of people their regions help determine their personality in a broad sense.

-Gabrielle Bailey


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