Red, Red Wine: Cancer’s Cure?

For those of us over the age of 21, drinking wine is a choice of luxury. Now ponder this, what if it became…a necessity? We all know of the heart healthy benefits of drinking red wine, but according to a 2013 study in Science Translational Medicine, altered wine chemicals may help to kill cancer cells. WOW! Imagine not only a cure to cancer but a cure that is so unexpected and mundane? Experimentation and research is currently in the works to help bring this crazy concept to the forefront of science and medicine!

Red-WineSo there’s this compound which exists in modified forms found in red wine. This compound is known as resveratrol and while in its modified form, it can slip into tissue in the body. Researchers at the University of Leicester in England have performed many tests using mice and they believe that resveratrol gets into tissue cells due to the work of certain proteins.

During another experiment, researchers had volunteers take at least half a gram of resveratrol a day. After some time, their bodies created metabolized forms. Researchers found that resveratrol sulfates were the most common metabolites present in blood and intestinal tissue samples. This observation helps to reveal resveratrol’s anticancer activities. Researchers also tested these resveratrol sulfates in human cells and they found that regenerated resveratrol helped to destroy cancer cells but were harmless to normal cells.

More work is in progress regarding this interesting finding. Perhaps in the near future we will see more findings regarding resveratrol and its effects on cancer cells.

By Amanda Okpoebo



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