Lego Scientists

LegoScientistLego has just released its first ever female scientist figure. Professor C. Bodin, portrays a successful woman with a STEM career, inspiring younger girls to pursue a career in a typically male dominated field. In the past, Lego has been notoriously known for marketing its products towards solely younger boys and often playing into gender stereotypes. An earlier attempt to create a toy line for girls, resulted in the creation of “Friends”: a group of brightly colored, curvy Lego figures that pursued hobbies such as cooking, arts, and fashion. This was quickly discontinued after being held under fire for encouraging gender stereotypes. In contrast, this new figure comes “pink-free,” wearing lab goggles, a white coat and carrying two Erlenmeyer flasks. Although there is still a 4:1 ratio of male figures to female figures, this is a great step towards tearing down gender stereotypes and inspiring woman to pursue a career in STEM.

-Daryl Choa


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