Jelly Fish: The #1 Swimmer?

jellyfishJellyfish may be the most efficient swimmers on this planet according to American researchers. The jellyfish has a 2-phase swimming technique: the first phase requires the jelly to contract to open, causing the water to fill inside the opening, while the second phase allows the water to be pushed behind the jelly, thus acting like a propeller and returning to the regular shape. The jellyfish actually doesn’t have to use any energy for the second phase. The elastic tissue around the opening acts as a rubber band allowing the jellyfish to return back to its original state.

This push is accountable for 30% of the distance travelled by jellyfish, therefore saving a good amount of energy for the jellyfish. This technique struck innovators to consider using this in devices for the Navy. Although it is not the fastest method of getting around, this method could be used for monitoring devices or other devices, so less energy is used up. It is highly effective and uses little energy.

This article was fascinating to me because I think it’s such an interesting idea to observe nature and mimic its successes. This could also help preserve our energy resources if it can be applied to numerous devices or ships.

-Amanda Ng

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