STEM is the Key to the Future!

TeenageScienceExperimentIt turns out that STEM (science, technology, mathematics and technology) aren’t just fun subjects that we like to learn about, but they are also the key to America’s economic future. Unemployment levels in America are high, yet a large number of jobs are going unfilled. These jobs are that are going unfilled are STEM jobs. For every one unemployed STEM worker, there are two STEM jobs available. And those jobs are just unfilled for lack of people with right skill set.

The reason why there are so many unfilled stem jobs is a big problem in America. Young people in America are reluctant to go into fields that require STEM! 60% of young adults named at least one reason why they were reluctant to pursue this path, a third of young people believe they are too challenging, and 28 percent said they weren’t prepared enough at school to go further in STEM areas. I feel like this is a huge problem, my generation needs to keep up with the hardworking people in other countries so we can advance and not rely too heavily on other countries, but have other countries rely on us. That is what has made America so powerful in the past.  Here at UMASS I see so many STEM majors and I feel like we are leading our generation into a bright future, however I wish more would join us in this journey!

-Aaron Nimako


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