Can Vitamin D Prevent Osteoporosis?

VitaminDFoodsThrough media and popular belief, it is said that consuming foods high in vitamin D and calcium will help keep bones strong, preventing osteoporosis, and to keep bone density normal. This however was tested in a recent study in Lancet, which included 23 random trials that measured the effects of vitamin D on bone density in the body. This study included more than 4,000 participants.

These subjects were given various dosages between 500 units to 800 or more units a day. You’d expect that the subjects that took a higher dosage would see increase bone strength or density, but that was not the case. This means that vitamin D does not drastically change your chances of preventing osteoporosis for healthy individuals.

This does not mean that Vitamin D is not important for our diets because it is. Vitamin D is needed in our bodies. It helps our bodies absorb calcium into our bloodstreams. Although taking excess Vitamin D supplements may not aid in preventing osteoporosis, occasionally exercising, having a balanced, healthy diet, and reducing alcohol or soda consumption will benefit your health. Eating healthy, staying active, and having a positive attitude is your best chance of preventing osteoporosis.

-Amanda Ng




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