Sleep Paralysis

sleepinggarfieldLately I have been pretty interested in anything regarding psychology. One topic that really interested me was sleep paralysis. It is defined as the inability to perform voluntary movements either at sleep onset or upon waking up. Symptoms include inability to move the trunk or limbs as you are falling asleep or as you are waking up. You may also experience episodes of hallucinations.

Sleep paralysis in not harmful and can happen to just about anyone, it has even happened to me a few nights!  It is most related to narcolepsy, a condition where the victim falls asleep uncontrollably and at random times. Scientists say that sleep paralysis may be hereditary and is not a condition to worry too much about. Ways to reduce chances of sleep paralysis include getting more sleep, reducing stress and exercising. So the next time you experience sleep paralysis, do not fret!

-Amanda Okpoebo

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