Eat Your Vegetables

cancercellssplitExposure to radiation can be pretty deadly. Even when used in medical procedures such as chemotherapy, it still possesses severe health risks.  During chemo for example, radiation kills cancerous cells. It also unfortunately kills nearby healthy cells unless the body can quickly repair those cells. Interestingly enough, scientists have discovered a chemical that may help repair these cells. This chemical, known as DIM (3,3’ diindolymethane), can form in the body as a result of eating a diet rich in vegetables! Broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and kale are all examples of the types of healthy snacks that can ultimately help you fight cancer (but not necessarily prevent it).broccoli

These special foods are known as cruciferous veggies and all contain a compound which gets converted to DIM in the stomach.  Based on several experiments on rats, scientists have concluded that DIM helps cells recover from high doses of radiation. Their findings however, are only plausible when discussing rats, no experimentations have been done on human subjects.

These findings are astonishing! Everyone knows that eating vegetables daily is “good for you” but with experimentations and findings such as these, whoever would have thought that broccoli could save your life?

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By Amanda Okpoebo



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