More Proof of Global Warming

globalwarmingSome people believe that global warming does not exist, mainly because it is just a theory and not fact, but in September 0f 2012, scientists revealed that they are now 95-100% sure that global warming exists, and is in fact man-made. Activities like burning fossil fuels such as coal and gas contribute to global warming. That burning releases carbon dioxide, and that carbon dioxide traps heat into the earth’s atmosphere. Scientists also say the amount of carbon in the atmosphere has increased 40% since 260 years ago. This is likely because that was pre-industrial revolution.

Sadly this news means that it is very likely that glaciers will continue to melt and over flood the oceans causing sea levels to rise at a faster rate than even initially anticipated. The IPCC predicts that between now and 2100, Earth’s temperature will increase between 0.3 and 4.8 degrees Celsius. This will have serious repercussions for the earth, humans and animal safety if the earth’s temperature increases.

There is hope, though; scientists say that we can dramatically decrease the rate at which global warming is happening if each and every one of us make a small but collective effort to stop global warming. This includes things like planting trees, recycling, conserving water and reducing fossil fuels using energy efficient appliances at your house and using compact fluorescent lights. I already know that I have tried my best to join this collective human movement to save our home we call the earth. I really wish everyone would take this very seriously and make some sacrifices in order to preserve our earth. I challenge you to join this collective movement and make a tiny lifestyle change in order to help our planet. I know that I can, but can you?

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