Bionic Man

BionicManMake way ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls because here comes Bionic Man! Thursday October 17th marked the birthday of the first ever walking, talking robot here in the USA! “Bionic Man”, as the invention is called, is very unique in his design. The robot is comprised of synthetic body parts and artificial organs! These organs were loaned to the creators at London’s Shadow Robot Co and include a pancreas, lungs, spleen and circulatory system. Bionic Man also stands at a whopping 6 feet and weighs 170 pounds.


As amazing as Bionic Man seems, the creators of Bionic Man know that their creation may be flawed and they are open to making and changes. Like most inventions, things can be improved on and modified for a better consumer experience. As of today, Bionic Man’s intelligence is limited to a Chabot computer program much like SIRI on the IPhone. However engineers for Shadow robot hope that in the near future, they can expand his knowledge and get him to start thinking and acting much more like a real human being.

Currently priced at $1,000,000 Bionic Man will not be a common household product just yet. In fact, the creators did not even have that idea in mind when creating him. Unfortunately  it will be  another couple years until every kid has a Bionic Man in their home but I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

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-Amanda Okpoebo



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