Missing the Sun When the Sun Goes Missing

As winter approaches the days become colder and somber, I’d daydream about being along the beach as I loathe in the warmth of the sun. I thought about how I couldn’t live without warm weather and the sun, when the epidemic apprehension is that all living organisms would die along with the sun. Life revolves around the sun as it provides us nutrients and allow for photosynthesis. The sun is approximately 4.5 billion years old.

sun-heats-earth-on-one-hemisphere-onlyMuch like us having birthdays, as the years pass us by the sun continues to expand. Scientists predict that in about a billion years the sun has reached its amplitude. The hydrogen fuel in the core of the sun will be used up at this time forcing a burn in the surface; this will boil away all of the water on earth and in five billion years, the sun’s radiation will melt away mountains and all of the living organisms on earth. Scary, isn’t it? Maybe we can survive as the sun expands larger.

NASA has been testing the concept of “gravity assist” which may be a possibility to help us survive during the explosion of our sun.  Gravity assist is described as the momentum to slingshot a spacecraft further into space using a planet’s gravity during a flyby. This works by using gravity to tap into the planet’s velocity and energy of motion around the sun. For example, as a spacecraft uses the earth’s gravity to speed up, the earth will slow down and move toward the spacecraft. Normally the size of the spacecraft is so small that it performs little effect on Earth, but if the size were to increase then the movement would be more significant.  This idea would help move the Earth’s orbit further away from the sun, allowing for longer life on Earth.

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By: Lisa Bui

Source: http://www2.jpl.nasa.gov/basics/bsf4-1.php




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