Can You See Me Now?

eyetrackerAre humans actual able to see in the absence of light? A new study shows that the brain sometimes creates visual images without input from the eyes. This study is based off of a simple trick anyone can do at home. Simply turn off the lights or put on a blindfold and wave your hand back and forth in front of your face. Can you see your hand moving? For some people, the answer is yes!

A study published in Psychological Science stated that moving your hand triggers cell activity in areas of the brain involved in controlling hand motions. The brain then translates this activity into sight in the absence of light. Regardless if your eyes can detect movement, some people can still “see” their hands because they already know what this particular body movement would look like normally. The brain senses the action and knows the position of the moving hand and can then create the visual image. How neat!

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By Amanda Okpoebo



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