Hazards of Cell Phone Use

Do cell phones cause cancer? This question is one that has been put on the back burner of many people and researcher’s minds for decades. Maybe our dependency on our electronic devices is causing us to push off the inevitable truth. With all of the other carcinogens that are present in the world it makes it hard to determine the root cause of our cancers. All of these dilemmasare ones that are striking through scientists and interested consumer’s minds.


According to the World Health Organization cell phones have now been placed in the carcinogenic hazard group. To put this into perspective, this category contains lead, engine exhaust, and chloroform. There are no definite effects that will lead researchers into claiming that cell phone use leads to cancer, as of now. Glioma and acoustic neuroma brain cancer have showed a link with cellular devices, but there is not enough evidence to prove anything for sure. Drawing conclusions for cancers will take decades in order to collect enough data.

The type of radiation that a cell phone gives off is one like a microwave. This radiation is called non-ionizing. Dr. Black refers to the use of cell phone by describing it as “cooking the brain”, just as a microwave cooks food. This effect could cause a loss of cognitive memory function as well as cancers and tumors. This is because the temporal lobes are located in close proximity of where we hold our phones.

The reason for the delay in answers is due to the fact that brain cancers generally grow slowly.  Cell phones have not been around and used by the general population for very long. A study did show that those who have used cell phones for ten years have doubled their rate to get brain glioma. Another study showed that using a phone for just 50 minutes artificially stimulates the brain. Scientists have yet to discover the consequences of this stimulation.




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